Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mine, mine, mine...

I got a new bed! Mom said I've been such a darlin, it's time she promote me from the couch to my very own "baskie". So I set things straight with the cats whilst doing my initial "toil and tramp" of my new throne - they so much as brush up agaist it, we can do away with them kitty bowls on top of the fridge! It's funny how cats get to lie down on absolutely anything - table tops, couches, beds even! and no one (in my household) really objects???  I tested this phenomena once, and tried to slide onto the kitchen table unnoticed, whilst my ma was plating something for the kid... well, that was bad timing!!! Next time I'll use less subtlety. But for now, the "baskie" is for the "doggie" only, capiche?

1 comment:

  1. Lorrs, that bed looks incredibly comfy. No wonder you don't feel like sharing! Enjoy your super-smart baskie and snuggle up in this cold weather!